Monday, September 22, 2014

Drywall and Brick...Whoooweeeeee!!!

Hello everyone, we stopped by the house this past Sunday and to our surprise, not only had they started the drywall, but they have started putting the brick on the home.  We have decided that we will now visit 2 times a week to watch for the small issues that could arise that we have read on some of the blogs, however here are some pictures for you.
WE GOT BRICK!!!!  The brick is coming along.
Dryway in the kitchen, leading into the dining room.
Family room.

Stairway and upstairs hall.

Basement stairway or should I say "MANCAVE"  LOL 

More of the basement, the Victoria Falls basement is HUGE.
Entrance into the media room, the media room will not be finished, my hubby wasn't sure if he wanted this as a media room or his office, so he decided he will have if finished later and besides is saves money if he has it done.

MORE BASEMENT, this will probably be his MEDIA AREA!!!

Ok, there you have it, until next time....BE BLESSED!!!!

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